Thursday, September 4, 2008

Park Slopes First Annual Restaurant and Food Tour

Yes, you heard me right...but wait there's more! It's Free!!

Park Slopes First Annual Restaurant and Food Tour
Thursday, September 18th
Starting at 7:00pm

A chance to sample (for free!) food from the many 7th ave and nearby establishments. According to Buy in Brooklyn:
Restaurants will have hors d'ouevres, wine shops will have tastings, food businesses will have samples, and other creative glomming-on-businesses will think of other brief things to delight and entice you. The idea is to allow you to saunter through a wonderful Movable Feast, and let you discover, sample and try things you never even new existed!

Freeloaders: Mark your calendars and be sure to have a light lunch!
Business owners: Think swarm of locusts and prepare accordingly.

Restaurants participating will be:

Barrio Restaurant 210 7th Avenue, 718-965-4000

Big Nose Full Body 382 7th Avenue, 718-369-4030

Grab Specialty Foods 438 7th Avenue, 718-369-7595

Miracle Grill 222 7th Avenue, 718-369-4541

Moim 206 Garfield Place, 718-499-8092

Naidre's Cafe 384 7th Avenue, 718-965-7585

NoNo Kitchen 239 7th Avenue, 718-369-8348

Park Slope Fitness Collective
366 7th Avenue, 718-499-1849
Free fitness class, time TBD

Pizza Plus 359 7th Avenue, 718-768-5327

Russo's Mozzarella & Pasta 363 7th Avenue, 718-369-2874

Second Helpings 448 9th Street, 718-965-1925
Serving butternut squash chowder

Sette Enoteca e Cucina 207 7th Avenue, 718-499-7767
Serving Grandma Nonna's beef & veal meatballs

Slope Cellars 436 7th Avenue, 718-369-7307

Tonio's Restaurant 306 7th Avenue, 718-965-4252

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